Episode four features Rocket Wreckers, a 2-Player card game where competitors battle each other while riding on the back of a rocketship. The game is designed by Rob Couch.

Rob can be reached at Twitter at @poorly_designed, or you can visit his website at www.poorlydesigned.com

For more, check out his interview with Jared Rosen below where he discusses approaching design from a story standpoint, fighting for a spot on the shelf and that last bit of tuning.

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Episode three features the game Grow, where 2 to 4 players compete to grow the most flowers on a tree. The game is designed by Tap Pribbenow, Chris Hassebrook and Kyle Bromley.

Tap can be reached at @tapofgames on Twitter. 

For more, check out their interview with Jared Rosen below where they discuss creating a 3D game out of wood, art in design, and injection molding.

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Hey there, space cadets! This is Jared Rosen reporting LIVE (not really) from behind the lines of Tabletop Deathmatch, where I’m conducting interviews all season long with each of the 16 finalists. Today I’m speaking with Mark and Christina Major, the minds behind survival strategy game Jupiter Deep, about their experience on the show and some big, kinda-sorta secret news about the game.

Read on for the full interview!

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Hello, one and all! I’m Jared Rosen, here on behalf of CAH to expose the seedy underbelly of Tabletop Deathmatch! Not really. I will, however, be sitting down with each of the sixteen teams to find out where they’re at since the taping, what this experience meant to them, and what happens next in the long road to creating a successful tabletop game. I also get access to the tumblr, which was… not smart. I can assure you. This week I’ll be talking to Outer Earth’s Paul Tseng. Have fun!

Click below for the full interview!

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Here’s the prologue episode of Tabletop Deathmatch. We filmed this early last summer, when we had received 500 submissions for the contest. Submissions were made through a form on our website, where we asked for the game’s elevator pitch, description of the mechanics, and if there were any photos or video of the game. We purposely asked submissions from people who had never published a game before.

We thought we would receive 100 submissions at most. The number blew us away.

Whittling down the submissions from 500 was tricky. Five of us at Cards Against Humanity - David, Eli, Max, Jenn & Trin - sorted through the pile to find anything that caught our eye. Originality was key. A paper prototype was essential - if there wasn’t a playable prototype, we nixed it. We also wanted to see games that had been playtested a lot.

We managed to cut the pile to the 50 most promising ideas. Then we went through the pile again, assigned each game a numbered score, averaged the score, and set aside our top picks.

Watch the episode & see how we found our 16 finalists.

Today, we’re launching the prologue episode of the Tabletop Deathmatch web series.

What is Tabletop Deathmatch?

The Tabletop Deathmatch is an independent game design contest organized by Cards Against Humanity. We’ve assembled a panel of expert judges to pick an unpublished board game. The winning game will receive a first printing by AdMagic (our printer) funded by Cards Against Humanity. The winning game will also have a booth at GenCon 2014.

Last spring, we received 500 submissions for the contest and narrowed them down to 16 finalists. Each episode features one of the finalists showing their game, with our panel of judges critiquing it based on design, mechanics and production.

Who are the judges?

See the introduction video above!

Where can I watch this thing?

TabletopDeathmatch.com. The prologue airs today. New episodes every Tuesday & Thursday.

Here’s the airing schedule with each board game:

Graham Stark of LoadingReadyRun and Dammit Liz of Dammit Liz Productions did an amazing job with the series, and we’re so excited for you to see it. Watch the prologue.

At Emerald City Comicon, Jenn and Trin caught up with musician Molly Lewis, who wrote their theme song. Jenn also found her favorite cosplayer.


I know the answer, but I can’t stop laughing.


I know the answer, but I can’t stop laughing.

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duncxan asked: “Hire me or else you're ugly”

We’re all pretty ugly.

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